Friday, March 02, 2012



One year passed from the day 3.11.
Tomorrow is March 3rd, it is the dolls festival, Japanese traditional day, celebrate for girls.

These days, I got a new life, it is happy for me, but get busy, time passed like an arrow.

If you search the word "March" by the google, you can find many cars of Nissan.
(also google "life" you can find some cars, too. But there are Bug's, magazine, and so on.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

What do you count?

In Japan, what do you count now?
How many days passed from 3.11?
How many people died by earth quake and Tsunami and nuclear disaster?

Mr.children, Japanese rock band, released the song "Kazoe-Uta (counting song)" on iTunes.
The profits* will help stricken areas*.
The song says, what do you count?

I want to count hopes.

These days, I only listens this song.

stricken areas*被災地。strike-struck-stricken

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Sad, huge earth quake happened in north-east Japan.
No words, I don't know what to do.
Only I can do is sending money.

Fukushima nuclear power plant is big problem.
It is related by the energy problem.

I pray...
And I hope...

Saturday, February 19, 2011


When you travel, what do you do?
I live in Japan, I have a car, I have a baby, too.
I planed to go somewhere by car this weekend.
Well, what do you do?

At first, you can use the travel information websites.
The websites are very useful these days.
You can choose from the map, famous spots or scenery, prices, etc.

This time, we have a very little baby girl.
So we don’t need any attractions, amusements, any theme parks.
I and my wife need some relaxations.
In Japan, one of them is “Hot Spring.”

I searched the websites and find out the hotel which has gorgeous hot spring.
In addition, we need the own, private hot spring.
It is the room with hot spring.

I found out the maisonette type, maybe it is a kind of the cottage.
The room has 2 floors and we take a bath in the room.
The room has a private open-air bath*.
You can see beautiful Japanese ocean view with taking a hot water.
Hot water will relax you.
Hot water can stretch your muscles*, blood vessels*, you can breath hot steam* in winter cold.

These days, Japan has a lot of snow.
Some of the houses have a serious problem about snow.
Snow will smash the houses by its weight*.

And when you drive the car, snow will slip you.

We must be careful in the snow.

You can check the snow out by the websites, too.
There are many useful webcams on the web.
You can check the conditions of the roads.

And you can choose the rout by online maps.
Google map is my favorite.
It also can calculate the driving time.
This time, we take 6 hours to reach.

And and, you can check the useful driving tools on the web.
Important tools, Interesting tools, any troubles, you can pre-study about long way drive.
When I search about this, I remind mobile toilet.
If you face the traffic jam*, you can’t go out from the car for the toilet.
Oh, I must buy it!

At last, I made out the travel plan.
It is perfect...maybe.
What travels appeal you is troubles and accidents.
Of course, not fatal*, not mortal*.
Troubles, accidents makes us excite.
Make us think, consider about us and world.
And meeting some people, views, little discoveries.
Travel has a lot of fun.

This time, I use many many useful web gadgets.
Originally, travel is not like that.
When you travel the earth, you shouldn’t have a map.
You shouldn’t use the World-wide eyes(which means web-tools).
No hints, no pre-study.
Yes, it is a real travel or trip.
But this time, we must protect the baby.
Such a real one is next time...

open-air bath*露天風呂。
じゃあオープンカーはどういうのかと思ったら、convertibleやらragtopやらという言葉があるらしい。オープン価格はopen pricing、オープンシャツはan open-necked shirts。かろうじて、「撮影のオープンセット」という言葉で、an open-air setというのがあった。

muscles*筋肉。マッスル。英語読みすればマスクルズ。素朴な疑問 QA111によれば、もとはラテン語で、mouseと同語源だそう。ちなみにマッチョはスペイン語みたい。

vessels*血管。ヴェッセル。a weak vesselなどと、「血管の弱い人、頼りにならない人」のことを揶揄するらしい。the weaker vesselは「弱き器(女性)」らしい。女性蔑視にならないか心配だが、ヒステリーとか、血管的な何かと繋がっていそうな言葉。で、検索してみたらそのものズバリのサイトThe Weaker Vessel Domestic Violence Registry- "Making Battered Lives Beautiful"を見つける。その中のThe Weaker Vessel - Historyによれば、聖書で出てきた言葉らしい。このサイトはドメスティック・バイオレンスについてのサイトみたいで、女性は「the weaker vessel弱き器」なのだよ、ということらしい。
ベゼルという言葉があったかと思うが、ベゼルって何の事・意味でしょうか?教えてください。 - Yahoo!知恵袋によると、ダイバーが潜り始めた時につける印のことらしい。
ちなみに「ベセル市」というのがアメリカはアラスカ州にあった。ベセル (アラスカ州) - Wikipedia。つづりはBethel。Bethelをまた辞書で引いてみると、聖域、聖所という意味が。エルサレム北部に同名の村があり、ヤコブが天国へ通じるはしごの夢を見て名付けた血、じゃなかった地だとか。



traffic jam*交通渋滞。なんでパンに塗るジャムなんだよう。jamには動詞で「詰め込む」という意味があるそう。

fatal* mortal*どちらも「致命的な」。mortalのほうが、死に至るという意味合いが強いそう。

Monday, November 08, 2010

Self hair cut by Panasonic

Good morning.
Long time no see.
How are you?

This is a fickle* upload.
From 2009 May...
After one year and half year silence*.
In this term, many things happened.
I married.
I am blessed with* a girl.
Now we're planning our own new house.

Now I'm interested in Gardening (picture above is cute!), DIY, ecology life.
When I was a child, I was interested in fishing, camping, etc.
I made fish and fishing tools with paper.
Now, I'll make them real.

I bought "Cut-mode" self-haircut tool.
If you are interested in, look>>>
おうちでヘアーカット(Japanese, sorry.)
I use Panasonic's one.
"Panasonic" was National Panasonic for years ago.
I use National shaver.
National changed the name and concentrate their companies (Matsushita) , then they become to be Panasonic.

Well, see you for a long time! :-)

be blessed with*授かる

Sunday, May 03, 2009

GW=Golden Week in Japan, it means...

Now in Japan,GW, Golden Week!!!
But... what is GW?

Golden Week* means continuous holidays in Japan.
This year, GW has 5 holidays, including Sat, Sun, Constitution Day, Greenery Day, Children's Day.
It's golden?!
For someone, it is not golden because they can't take holidays in this season.
GW, there are a lot of people move, so some service industries must work this season.
And some system engineer must do maintenance.
And about me...

Well, what did I do in first part of GW?
Sat, I had a baseball club's tournament.
We lost.
The next day, Sun, today, we had a practice match with another junior high school team which also lost the tournament.
Yes, exactly. Baseball practice!

Why do I do such a practice in Japanese junior high?
It's a kind of a curse.
Maybe we are cast a spell by someone.
If we don't do practice, maybe someone will beat me. beat me. beat me.

*reference from; ゴールデンウィーク - Wikipedia(Jap)
**image is from 2009年は秋にもゴールデンウィーク級の大型連休が生まれます - GIGAZINE

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everybody Changing

Everybody changing in this season...
Spring, April, these seasons are starting time in Japan.
Some will leave. Some will come.

Say truth, everyday is changing time, everyday something changing, but we don't know it,
I forget some words, some skills, some friends everyday, every time, but we don't notice, we don't understand,
but in Spring, when cherry blossoms burns, I, we notice it, remember it,

Oh, it's the time.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Try to write with this words

I said to my students, "Try to write with this words."
For example, they are "song, family, high, English, like..."
They need to think the links between the words and write story.
This practice was very fun.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Snowed near my region.
It is very beautiful. It reminds me the college era.

I like this house.
It smells like a literature.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Year 2009 starts.

In January, at the start of the year, we Japanese consider about the plan of the year because it is starting point of the year.
Of course our schools and companies starts in April.
But our year starts in January!
Well, we have better to make a plan of the year today, and we can check the plan in April with renewal mind!

Last year, I can achieved something, but I can't something.
This year, yes, I wanna achieve more! (example, this blog...)